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cena&rock2WWE is likely to make an announcement this month that WrestleMania 29 will be held at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey next year. Triple H visited the stadium officials on Wednesday and the place appears to be set. WrestleMania 30 is expected to be entered into in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium as previously reported. 
This will be a break in the tradition of welcoming one in ten WrestleMania in New York due to the fact they are doing so that the WWE can beat the market in the New York / New Jersey, teams in the NFL, because the super bowl 2014 is scheduled for MetLife Stadium. 
The only complication is that Cowboys Stadium is the host of the NCAA Final weekend WrestleMania airs. It is possible that the company could move to a PPV before March or April at a later date, but that has not yet been determined.
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Comming Soon.

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Comming Soon.

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018In recent days, it was announced that CM Punk was going to escort his friend Chael Sonnen in his next fight in UFC on FOX 2 will take place in Chicago . Finally, CM Punk will not be in the event.

CM Punk has confirmed that Vince McMahon banned the wrestler performing the cameo. Sources WWE indicate that the original agreement was not negotiated between the WWE and UFC but CM Punk and Chael Sonnen had agreed themselves. Apparently Punk Sonnen invited to the event and world champion accepted the offer.

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logowweThe next week, SmackDown will be recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
As is customary in WWE, random battles will be carried out using the wheel. One of the battles that “ could “be done Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry Steel Cage.
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05Natalya Neidhart has commented that in the future will write a book about his career as a wrestler . The Diva has asked Greg Oliver of Slam Wrestling that send mails toBret Hart with things to explain their feelings, besides asking Oliver to write everything about his career in a journal, since according to Natalya , is 100% sure to write this book.
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010In the next issue of WWE Kids Magazine , appear a poster of the current championBeth Phoenix Divas . Should be noted, that since the beginning of this publication is the first time that includes a poster of Diva in WWE .
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logowweDespite the internal politics of WWE , which prevents wrestlers and Divas under 21participating in the main rosters of the company, Sweet Saraya , mother of the newDiva in FCW Britani Knight , commented that her daughter could appear soon in television.

“It broke my heart to see how it was going home but it’s there. Has some nostalgia, but it seems that participate in television soon. She is the first European girl with just 19 starts its journey in FCW, and I think I have a quick passage. “

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WWE.com has actulizado the evolution of 3 Divas Focus of the Divas , Lilian Garcia , Natalya & Rosa Mendes , Enjoy

 thumb_09b ata_1003 Rosa_0927



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WWE.com has released the list of Power 25 and here are the results, also published photos of Kane and that this BurningBeth Phoenix being cooled, Enjoy.

. 1 – Daniel Bryan – = 
. 2 – Dolph Ziggler – = 
. 3 – CM Punk – +1 
. 4 – Kane – +2 
. 5 – Sheamus – = 
. 6 – Big Show – 3 
. 7 – R-Truth – +4 
. 8 – John Cena – 1 
. 9 – Zack Ryder – 1 
10 -. Cody Rhodes – = 
11 -.  Chris Jericho - +1 
12 -. Wade Barrett – 3 
13 -. Miz - = 
14. – Mark Henry – +2 
15 -. Brodus Clay – JOIN 
16 -. Tamina – +4 
17 -. Primo & Epico - 2 
18 -. Air Boom – 1 
19 -. Jinder Mahal - 1 
20 -. Santino Marella – +1 
21 -. Hunico – 7 
22 -. Brie Bella – JOIN 
23 -. Ted DiBiase – +2 
24 -. Alicia Fox – = 
25 -. Beth Phoenix – 2






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The full list can be read in the edition of January Magazine WWE Magazine .

Most Improved Superstar (Superstars most improved)
Zack Ryder

Best Mic Skills (Best skill with micro)
CM Punk and his gift of gab

Record-Setter of the Year (record set)
John Cena winning 10 championships in 10 years

Most Underrated Superstar (most underrated Superstar)
Wade Barrett

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notasrapidas- WWE is trying to get more data on the audience by publishing two articles related to John Cena. Question WWE fans boo or cheer why former world champion.

- WWE.com has published an article about the large fighters who have been dancers.Highlighted Dusty Rhodes, Akeem, Mabel, Golga, Rikishi and Brodus Clay’s new character. You can read the article at the following link

- Ric Flair has confirmed he will attend the ceremony of WWE Hall of Fame 2012. Recall that Flair still under contract with TNA and was announced as a new member of the Hall of Fame with the Four Horsemen group members in Raw Supershow
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logowweIn recent days he has been talking a lot about the launch of “WWE Network”, well,important people involved in the project have confirmed that the launch of the new platform WWE has been postponed.

Although initially the official date for the start of issue was April 1, it is rumored that the launch of “WWE Network” next fall eventually produce .

The fact that they could not make a quality product, as well as the lack of a grill defenida programming, have been the keys to that WWE has decided to postpone the launch of its flagship project for 2012.
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We bring you the pictures tonight on SmackDown , Enjoy.

 photo_046  Photo_063  Photo_079 Photo_117

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WWE.com has updated a New Photoshoot with Diva , Kelly Kelly , this shoot is when I make the ” Divalicious Of The Year “Slammy Awards in 2011, Enjoy.

kell_1212 kell_1212 kell_1212  kell_1212

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logowweAfter the article published last week on WWE.com on women’s titles in pairs , managers of WWE were trying the possibility of creating the Divas Tag Team Title , but was finally rejected the proposal. At first, the idea carried out, was to give the new belts to Bella Twins because they want to give more time on television.

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07People close environment Evan Bourne , have denied that the fighter was upset thatR-Truth was not suspended at the same time that when both had tested positive in drug test WWE . According to these people, it was not Triple H the wrestler who approached to abroncarlo, it was Evan Bourne who approached Triple H to apologize for its positive.
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The Rock posted last night at Twitter the cover of the new DVD entitled “ The Epic Journey of Dwayne The Rock Johnson , “which goes on sale next February 21 .

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